New Dimension's Vision Statement


  • To share and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Hartford area where we live, work and worship.
  • To welcome all who visit with us or who are in need and to provide to them love and encouragement.
  • To grow in all areas achieving integral church growth.
  • To encourage every believer attending New Dimension Christian Center to develop spiritually by participating, as an active member of the family of God in the ministries of our church.
  • To equip and empower believers for meaningful ministries that will further the testimony of Jesus Christ and strengthen the church worldwide.
  • To further the Lord’s work at New Dimension Christian Center, including New Dimension supported ministries such as: Youth Challenge in Hartford and Venezuela, churches in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Nicaragua, through the wise use of our time, talents and resources.
  • To establish new churches from the growth and ministry at New Dimension Christian Center.